"Growth is the balance between challenge and support" 

By British Exploring Society,



My name is Sunny and I’m an Ambassador for British Exploring Society.


🛶My first expedition with British Exploring Society was in 2021. I canoed and camped and hiked in the Scottish highlands for two weeks. I LOVED it. I loved it so much I signed up for the Canadian Yukon expedition which I will be on this summer. So I thought I’d introduce myself as you might be seeing some more of me and the other amazing Ambassadors a lot more!


⛰️One thing I learned on Expedition was that growth really happens in that sweet spot between challenge and support.


🔥If there is too much challenge, things become dangerous, people are unhappy and unsafe… nobody wants that.


💕If there is too much support, It causes young people to feel frustrated and controlled, or even insecure as you can start to question your own abilities.

🧗Swinging the other way with too little challenge can ( despite what you may think ) also become equally as dangerous, as people act in more risky ways to seek out the challenge and this can also lead to unsafe situations.


👎Having too little support reduces the number and diversity of young people that can access outdoor activity, and really reduces the amount you can grow!


The “Goldilocks Spot” lies somewhere between… and British Exploring Society are VERY GOOD at creating this delicate balance that allows Young Explorers to grow the most from their expeditions, without feeling too smothered or too alone, and understanding how to meet different people where they are with different levels of challenge.


It might just be my FAVOURITE thing… the balance.

Meet sunny

She’s one of our newest Explorer Ambassadors. Check out her short video message here.