Starting your journey to expedition

Find your fire

Fundraising is the first, and for some people the biggest, challenge of their British Exploring Society expedition. However, this metaphorical mountain is by no means unsurpassable and with a positive attitude, a little hard work and by following our tried and tested advice you will not only achieve your goal, but also gain some great memories and invaluable CV enhancing experiences in the process.


You won’t be doing this alone – you’ll have your Expedition Coordinators there to answer any questions you have, and you can share ideas and support with other Explorers on your Expedition Facebook Group. Have a look at a few of our favourite case studies below or download the full Fundraising Guide.

Remember that whatever fundraising methods you decide to use be proactive, start early but most importantly do something you enjoy! We have no doubt that like the many thousands of explorers who have already travelled with British Exploring Society, you too will reach your target!

Download our fundraising guide


Putting on an event is a great way to involve your friends, family and local community in your expedition. Events do require more time with planning but if done well they can also be your biggest fundraising success. Not only are they a great way of fundraising but they also provide excellent experience for interviews and C.V’s and can be a lot of fun!

Entrepreneurial adventures

Explorers and entrepreneurs are like two peas in a pod. They both have a mindset to create opportunities for themselves. Trying your hand at setting up your own business is a great way to use skills and talents you already have in combination with learning entrepreneurial skills that are becoming increasingly more sought after.

Sponsored challenges

Like so many fundraising activities, sponsored challenges can be a win-win opportunity. A physical challenge such as a run or swim is a perfect way to get fit for expedition whilst the more unusual challenge can also appeal to press and media – increasing your chances of increasing your fundraising.

Part-time work

Part time work has been found to be one of the most effective ways of raising money. The steady stream of income quickly amounting to a morale boosting amount. This could be working in a shop, café or restaurant, or maybe think tutoring younger pupils or lifeguarding – there are lots of opportunities.


Sponsorship is a great way to gain funding from charitable and grant making trusts, local companies or maybe even through existing funds. As a recognised organisation with a long-history of purposeful expeditions we can direct you to some of these organisations, but independent research and local connections can be just as useful.

Explorer Miles

Explorer Miles is our new volunteering initiative run in partnership with vInspired. It gives you the opportunity to go and volunteer locally and make a difference by contributing to social action projects or charities. Once you have been accepted for an expedition every hour of volunteering you complete goes towards earning you a bursary of up to £1,000.

Top tips from previous Young Explorers

At whatever stage you start your fundraising its always possible to get it done. In my experience, I had 7 months from when I applied to fundraise the £3500 total. At first it seemed an utterly impossible task yet after talking to a few people and bouncing loads of ideas off those closest to me it finally became a reality. So never give up. If you have that motivation and drive to raise the money then you will, and speaking from experience it will be so worth it in the end.

No matter what you're doing to fundraise I think it's important to have fun! You should be happy doing it.

Don't give up; fundraising a lot of money is difficult and takes a lot of time and effort but so many people are willing to help you out, whether it's by throwing a few coins in your bucket or giving you a bursary. At the end of the day, you will find a way of raising the funds and going on that expedition

Young Explorer

I held a quiz night at my village hall. We made curries, which were not expensive and had a £10 door charge. I bought drinks for the bar, returned the ones that didn't get bought and held a raffle with prizes I had donated from local businesses. I raised £1900 in one evening!

Rebecca - Young Explorer

My most successful fundraiser was me doing leavers hoodies for my old school, I was able to get 80% of my year to buy them. Through this, I was able to fundraise a lot of the funds needed for my expedition

Morgan - Young Explorer

Make a plan - Sit down on your own or with a parent and realistically work out how much you need to raise, how you want to do it, and when you will be able to put the time in around other commitments, exams etc. Don't forget to include your expedition cost, flights, kit and any vaccinations.

Young Explorer

I did a sponsored Aqua-Bike-Hike, where I swam 50 metres, cycled over 40 miles and climbed up a local hill called Dumyat in a day. I created several sponsor sheets and handed them out to trusted friends, and also my parents as their work mates can be quite generous. After I finished I approached people I knew if they would give a small donation, though they would usually give a lot more than I expected them to.

Hazel - Young Explorer