Expedition Workshops

Engaging workshops that help young people develop key skills and encourage them to consider joining adventures in the future.

“I liked the ‘immersive’ experience of going to the Amazon and having to solve different problems.”

Location: School classroom or organisations space
Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: Free
Team size: 20 to 30 young people per British Exploring Society facilitator
Register interest: send us an email to book a workshop for your school or organisation via the button below
Potential to be life-changing: Unlimited

Often, young people feel that the outdoors is not for them. Expedition Workshops were developed to break down some of the barriers of accessibility in the outdoors, give young people the opportunity to make a more informed choice as to whether they would like to join an expedition and learn about the transferable skills that they can apply to different aspects of their life on their return.

It has become even more important to offer these opportunities to our schools and partners. In 2022, 478 young people participated and benefitted from an Expedition Workshop from schools and youth organisations in our focus areas of Scotland, North-East England, North-West England, the Midlands, and London.

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We understand that joining us on an expedition programme is often a big step for many young people. We deliver content-rich Expedition Workshops in schools to kick start the conversation, trust, and initial relationship to foster confidence in young people so that they might consider further adventure and enrichment options, including potentially an expedition programme with us.

Our Expedition Workshops are delivered in schools and youth organisations around the UK. These stand-alone, fun and engaging sessions benefit from our nearly-90 years of experience in delivering adventurous learning to help young people develop skills and gain a greater understanding of what going on an expedition would really be like.


Our aims for the Expedition Workshops are:

  • To provide valued content for our partner schools and organisations and stand-alone learning for participants
  • To develop experience in decision-making under pressure and support strategies for positive well-being for young people
  • To present new and relatable adult role models to young people
  • To dispel myths about the outdoors – about fitness, money, suitability, and the purpose of modern adventure and exploration
  • To have fun and show learning in a new, exciting context, treating our audience as adults, as we do on all our programmes.