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At the end of each expedition season, we ask our Young Explorers to reflect on the journey they have taken.

You can hear from a few of them directly in this short video.

"Challenging myself to go on an expedition was the best thing I could have done at this stage in my life. The expedition, and everything that led up to it, was an incredibly rewarding, and life-affirming experience. I feel incredibly lucky to have spent such an extraordinary three weeks with a truly brilliant group of people, who I hope to stay in contact with and hopefully go on more adventures with in future."

Izzy - Young Explorer, Canadian Yukon 2022

"After the expedition I really do feel that I have a greater sense of self-confidence. The expedition has made me happy with who I am and confirmed the journey I want to embark on. I felt as though I could see my goals more clearly making me want to go on more expeditions in the future. On top of this I am even engaged in geographical dilemmas facing the world, which has made me more motivated to succeed in my studies and pursue a Geography degree."

Nye - Young Explorer, Hartz Scottish Explorers 2022

“I took part in a British Exploring Society expedition in 2001 to Svalbard and it genuinely was the best month I’ve ever had in my life. The experience was incredible, I learnt so much about the environment, the Arctic, living and working in those conditions. I haven’t regretted it for a second of my life.”

Double Olympic rowing champion Alex Gregory MBE FBES

"One of the reasons I went on expedition was to prove to myself that I can do the things that at first glance I feel like I wouldn’t be able to. I like to take going up the mountain really literally - many times I’ve heard that 'problems are like climbing a mountain' and there is something so rewarding and freeing knowing I’ve actually done that!"

Grace - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2022

My expedition had a profound effect as a young man and throughout my life. The work British Exploring Society does is of vital importance. Investing in the future of Britain’s young people is imperative.

Field Marshal Sir John Chapple GCB CBE FBES

"It was the first time that I've ever left the country I was born in, and it was definitely a big step to take. I came back home feeling more confident in myself, better understanding not just my simple strengths and weaknesses but which traits of mine I could be proud of and which traits were weighing me down."

Anjum - Young Explorer, Peruvian Amazon 2018

"What I have found the most interesting post-expedition is realising how much I’ve learnt from the other people in my fire and on expedition. 5 weeks is a long time to be around people you don’t know very well 24/7, so there’s a lot of time for talking, sometimes about trivial things but also about some serious issues and debates. I’ve found this is what I have been applying to life back home the most – reminiscing on these conversations and applying new world views to my own thinking."

Edie - Young Explorer, Kyrgyzstan 2022

I completely opened myself up in an entirely new and thrilling environment. Not only did I return as a person who had developed a great deal and who had in many ways matured, I did so with many new friends at my side.

Gus - Young Explorer, Canadian Yukon 2019

“If I’ve learned anything in nearly 12 years now of dragging heavy things around cold places, it is that true, real inspiration and growth only comes from adversity and from challenge, from stepping away from what’s comfortable and familiar and stepping out into the unknown.”

Ben Saunders, polar explorer, Fellow of British Exploring Society

It’s been life changing. This has been the first programme I've gone on that's worked for me and has really impacted me. I’d describe myself before expedition as a shy and nervous kind of person who worries a lot, but after finishing the expedition I've really changed and I now feel confident in myself and my ability to push my limits.

John - Young Explorer Dangoor Next Generation 2018

An absolutely incredible journey. It took me out of my comfort zone and tested me in a way that has helped me develop as a more tolerant person. Also, I had the chance to make some amazing friends!

Lily - Young Explorer, Dangoor Next Generation Iceland 2018

‘’You honestly learn so many new things and skills you never thought you had, just by being somewhere new in the world for a couple of weeks. I heard about British Exploring Society from Power2 and they thought it was a great opportunity for me…it will definitely help young people… who struggle in school, college and university.”

Christina - Young Explorer, Landmark 2019

“Things changed for me this summer and my life was transformed when I found the inner strength to ignore the negativity of bullies and overcome my self-doubt and anxiety, to put myself forward and join the awe-inspiring, mixed ability, month-long Dangoor Infinity sea and land expedition of self-discovery to Iceland.”

Joshua - Young Explorer, Dangoor Infinity 2019

"This experience was life changing for me."

“Before I left for the Amazon there was lots of chaos in my life; I wasn’t organised, and I wasn’t clear about what my next steps would be. Life was happening, but I felt like I didn’t have control.

I am more driven and focused, I know to keep on pushing despite not knowing where I am going. I realised that the destination is always pleasing despite not knowing where you will end up. I feel more encouraged about life. I recognised the skills I have now, like emotional intelligence. I can contextualise things and use effective communication skills when dealing with others.”

Young Explorer Kwesia, Peruvian Amazon 2018

"British Exploring Society has given our pupils access to opportunities they did not know existed."

“Working with British Exploring Society has given our pupils access to opportunities they did not know existed. Through the workshops, we saw students highly engaged and interested in learning more about the World outside of their community. The students who attended the Hartz Scottish Explorers expedition thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and spoke highly of how they were able to challenge themselves in ways they would never have dreamed of doing, whilst also meeting other young people from different walks of life and developing vital social, communication and problem-solving skills as well as resilience and determination. The experience is best summed up by one of the students who attended the expedition who stated that ‘it was the best time of my life’.”

Whitehaven Academy, School Partner