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This expedition has been a path to self-discovery

“Despite so many challenges many lessons were learned, and lives changed forever. Us young people have developed so many vital skills and attributes on this journey; resilience, having to fight back and back again, to not give up and accept defeat but to rise adversity and prove to ourselves the true strength inside us all.” – Kyle Mills, Iceland Explorer

learning our true strengths, but fully understanding our weaknesses, accepting them, and recognising them as opportunities to grow and learn.

you feel so good about yourself


“I took part in a British Exploring Society expedition in 2001 to Svalbard and it genuinely was the best month I’ve ever had in my life. The experience was incredible, I learnt so much about the environment, the Arctic, living and working in those conditions. I haven’t regretted it for a second of my life.” – Fellow and Double Olympic rowing Champion Alex Gregory

My expedition had a profound effect as a young man and throughout my life. The work British Exploring Society does is of vital importance. Investing in the future of Britain’s young people is imperative.

Field Marshal Sir John Chapple GCB CBE FBES


Wow! What an expedition. This has undoubtedly been the best 5 weeks of my life… summiting peaks, listening to the Dali Lama and going on glaciers. I have found all the Science really interesting and have learnt so much about the world and myself. I would recommend this to all young people as it really has been amazing.

Katherine - Himalaya Explorer

British Exploring Society gave me my first taste of adventure with purpose, totally changing what I wanted to do with my life. If it wasn't for the training and experienced I developed with British Exploring Society, I'm certain I wouldn't have had the skills or confidence to eventually lead my own expedition.

James Borrell - Trainee Leader

I completely opened myself up in an entirely new and thrilling environment. Not only did I return as a person who had developed a great deal and who had in many ways matured, I did so with many new friends at my side.

Gus Allen Young Explorer Canadian Yukon 2019

Since the programme I have been back to the Amazon twice with British Exploring Society, in 2016 as an Assistant Leader and in 2017 as a Science Leader. It has proved a fantastic foundation to build my leadership experience and broaden my theoretical knowledge of leading groups.

Georgie Sweet - Trainee Leader

‘Five weeks in the Zara Valley has been an experience of a lifetime. Trekking to the highest peaks, battling altitude, the crisp ice as we scaled the glaciers… What an incredible adventure. I am not only taking away memories, I am taking home a wider appreciation for the environment.’ Jennie, Himalaya 2017

Jennie - Himalaya Explorer

From seeing Woolly Monkeys on the Pini Pini ridge, to a snake in our latrine, the British Exploring Peru trip was an unforgettable and unique experience. Although it was sometimes challenging physically and mentally, looking back on it now, I can safely say I enjoyed every minute.

Charlie - Amazon Explorer


"Before I left for the Amazon there was lots of chaos in my life; I wasn't organised, and I wasn’t clear about what my next steps would be. Life was happening, but I felt like I didn't have control.

I am more driven and focused, I know to keep on pushing despite not knowing where I am going. I realised that the destination is always pleasing despite not knowing where you will end up. I feel more encouraged about life. I recognised the skills I have now, like emotional intelligence. I can contextualise things and use effective communication skills when dealing with others." - Amina Smith Gul, Amazon Explorer

When I got back from the Amazon, I realised how much calmer I am and how much reliance I have.


“It was the first time that I’ve ever left the country I was born in, and it was definitely a big step to take. I came back home feeling more confident in myself, better understanding not just my simple strengths and weaknesses, but which traits of mince I could be proud of, and which traits were weighing me down.” – Anjum Tahsin Hossain, Amazon Explorer