Our youngest supporters have so far raised £155K in 2023

By British Exploring Society,

Fundraising has always been an important part of a Young Explorers expedition journey with us. Now, young people are given a Fundraising Challenge Target based on their financial situation – not to pay for their place on expedition, but to demonstrate their commitment and contribute back to the work we do.

With support from Tara (our Fundraising & Skills Development Officer), our young people find different ways to reach their personal target and in doing so develop confidence and skills which go on to prove invaluable in their adult life.

Through bake sales, community events, sponsored challenges, busking, grant applications and more, each Young Explorer has contributed towards this total of £155,954.88 in their own unique way. What’s more, many are still fundraising even after meeting their personal targets.

It’s a monumental achievement. A testament to an inspiring group of young people – and evidence of the skills they’ve all developed in the process.