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"A year which brought the most amazing inspiration and life changing memories"

By British Exploring Society,

To everyone at British Exploring Society,

A new year can inspire lots of people to look forward. But for me, 2022 is a year to look back on, a year which bought the most amazing inspiration and life changing memories.

It was this time last year when I applied to go on the expedition to the Yukon and I can only wish that I still had it all ahead of me. Since returning, I have embraced every opportunity that mimics the awe and anticipation I experienced throughout my time with you. I have joined my university’s expedition society which not only has enabled me to continue to explore beautiful places, but has brought me another community of much valued friendships and a continued confidence. As I write this email, I have just returned home after completing a winter skills and intro to mountaineering course in the Scottish highlands where I concluded 2022 and began 2023 embracing new challenges, meeting new people and putting myself out there.

As we enter 2023, my expedition with you moves further into the past. However, the skills, stories and lessons I learnt from all the incredible Leaders and my fellow Young Explorers remain at the forefront of my decisions defining my future. The talk I attended by Leigh Bowman at ‘Next Steps’ was also especially inspiring and has guided me to consider and potentially initiate a change in my career path. BES isn’t just one expedition; it is a supportive foundation and acts as a gateway to the rest of your life.

I suppose I just wanted to email to say thank you. Thank you for absolutely everything. I can’t help but spread the word about British Exploring Society – the charity that helped me to discover myself, my passions, my values and principles. Many future young explorers don’t know it yet, but 2023 is going to become one of the most significant years of their life!

I hope 2023 brings lots of happy/harmonious moments for you all, and with that will come continued success with all the work you do.

Very warm regards,


Find Your Fire in 2023.