Our Annual Young Explorer Awards

Our annual Young Explorer Awards recognise and celebrate young people from each expedition season. Recipients are nominated by their Leaders, fellow Young Explorers and members of the British Exploring Society team.


The Les Morgan Memorial Award is presented annually to a Young Explorer who has shown exceptional initiative or leadership in adverse circumstances on expedition.

We also have The Moodgal Inspiration Award, which is presented annually to a Young Explorer who through their kindness or generosity to others, or through their fundraising efforts, have empowered themselves and inspired and helped others.

Our programmes are designed to be challenging, and to give young people the opportunity to undertake a journey of personal development. This year’s nominees are an incredible group, all of whom rose to meet the challenges laid out before them and Found Their Fire.

While there can only be one winner for each award, all of the nominees deserves recognition for embracing and demonstrating our core values whilst on expedition.

Read on to be inspired by the nominees for this years awards.

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The five inspiring Young Explorers nominated by our community for 2023 are…


Hartz Scottish Explorers Part 1

Nominated by Chief Leaders Dan Zaccheo & Bruce Manning

“Rebecca exemplified a positive energy, resilience and confidence which irradiated across her Fire. She demonstrated maturity and kindness which contributed to a culture of inclusion within her group.”


Hartz Scottish Explorers Part 2

Nominated by Chief Leaders Dan Zaccheo & Bruce Manning

“Ieuan is a natural leader and demonstrated this through a quiet maturity and inner confidence. He was an anchor in his Fire  and contributed significantly to the collective resilience across the expedition.”



Nominated by Chief Leader Dan Mazhindu

“Paloma grew as a person, found her voice, and became a leader in her Fire. When her fire had to drop altitude quite quickly due to another member of the fire being unwell, Paloma was in front of the pack, with big smiles, keeping everyone positive.


Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

Nominated by Chief Leader Gaby Wood

Olivija showed great humour and care for her peers and the wider expedition community, and was described by her Leaders as ‘the glue which kept us together’. She was a role model for what being present and persevering looks like for the whole expedition and we were inspired by her determination and endurance.

And the winner is...


Canadian Yukon

Nominated by Chief Leader Graham Johnston

“Musa is incredibly persistent. He demonstrated courage in taking part in such an expedition that was at odds to his previous life experience, social groups and never complained no matter the challenge. 

Every time I spoke to Musa he seemed to have grown in confidence and self belief, frequently helping out his own Fire and volunteering for Basecamp duties, digging latrines, tidying, cleaning, stacking equipment, all without prompting. His good humour was infectious, taking part and starting games to lift spirits, all invaluable to the community spirit and the success of the expedition.

From not knowing anyone and slightly uncertain, through to becoming confident in himself and selfless in helping others. A valued team player with a great future ahead.”


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The ten exemplary Young Explorers nominated by their peers are…


Hartz Scottish Explorers Part 1

“Jadon brought up the mood of our Fire and boosting our morale by encouraging us to keep going when the paths were getting tough. His determination through tough situations greatly contributed to the success of his Fire.


Hartz Scottish Explorers Part 2

Sara kept Fire morale high, and it was great to see her self-confidence increase even more throughout the expedition as she realised what a hugely positive impact she could have on others.


Canadian Yukon

Ben displayed some of the most gracious, kind, and responsible behaviours I’ve seen in a young person of his age. He acted as a motivator, listener, and mentor, unfailingly putting others before himself.



Always kind-hearted and understanding, open for a conversation, and incredibly supportive. Even when going through a very hard time herself, she made sure to be brave and amazingly resilience all the way through.


Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

“Alfred was really good at motivating the team and always kept the spirit high through his positivity and amazing personality. He also showed us that he really cared for us all even if it meant that we had to slow down at times.


Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

As a team mate Tash supported the team with cooking and taught what she had learnt from doing this at home to her Fire… it’s such an important part of friendship and life. Even though the mornings were tough, she was always ready to get moving, and determined.


Hartz Scottish Explorers Part 1

“Logan helped others by keeping their mood up and giving them the confidence they needed to keep going, tackle problems and their fears. He was always inspiring others with his resilience.

Shing Yip (Simon)

Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

Simon inspired others to keep going when times were tough during the expedition through his words and actions, lifting moral by making others laugh and motivating others.


Dangoor Next Generation Iceland

Bilal continually showed determination, and supported his fellow team mates through the training process. Keeping a positive mental attitude on even the hardest of days is a difficult skill, but Bilal made it look easy – a real inspiration. There were often times during the expedition where I didn’t feel my best, but Bilal was always there to check up on me and make me feel better.

And the winner is...


Canadian Yukon

The emotional maturity displayed by Ronan was exceptional. He managed to be simultaneously a confidante, friend and guard, and was immensely helpful to both the other Young Explorers and to the Leadership team.”

“Ronan proved that he has developed strong interpersonal skills and empathy by forming a positive bond with everyone. He managed to get on with everybody and was the person that everyone could easily turn towards to have a good laugh with. He was a motivational force for all when they needed it most.

Ronan is incredibly self-aware for his age and has a genuine willingness to help people, something which I can see him carrying forward in future life. I can see him being an inspiring Social Leader one day, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to win this award in it’s inaugural year. His growth from his first expedition in Scotland to his time in Yukon alone is an incredible testimony for the development opportunity that British Exploring Society provides.”