Updates from our 2022 Expeditions

By British Exploring Society,
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15th April

Our Young Explorers on UK Explorers Spring have finished their 12 day expedition, overcoming challenges together to empower and equip them with the courage, skills, resilience and determination to make the most of their futures. Thank you to everyone who helped make this programme happen.

British Exploring Society will be returning to the Scottish Highlands later in the summer for our Hartz Scottish Explorers expedition.

10th April

All of the Fires have been venturing out from basecamp over the weekend, Young Explorers working together with their Leaders to plan routes and find locations to camp overnight. While out in the hills, they’ll be carrying out science and/or media projects which may involve learning about the wildlife they encounter or using art or poetry to reflect on their adventures so far.

Pictured is Fire 3 on their way to explore the Devil’s Staircase, a rocky ridge with two Munro summits.

7th April

To get used to wild camping away from basecamp, Young Explorers spent the night in the hills in their Fires (Fire is the British Exploring Society word for a team of around 12 people, as it’s the perfect amount of people that can fit around a camp fire). They’re learning where best to pitch their tents and how to practice ‘leave no trace‘ principles, including planning ahead, disposing of rubbish correctly, and leaving areas as they found them.

5th April

Young Explorers on UK Explorers Spring all arrived safely at basecamp yesterday and have been getting settled today.

They will spend the day getting accustomed to basecamp life and begin training that will provide them with the skills to thrive in their wilderness environment. This includes learning to work as a team in their Fires (groups), learning how to put up their tents, pack their rucksacks, how to cook outside on stoves, how to navigate through their surroundings, and about health and hygiene whilst on expedition.


4th April

Young Explorers aged 14-17 begin their expedition today, travelling from across the UK to the Scottish Highlands where they will spend 12 days camping in the outdoors. Mentored and supported by expert leaders, expedition medics, scientists and adventure professionals, they will explore the natural world around them and learn through adventure, science and media projects.

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5th March

After a long journey home, our Pinnacle team are now back in the UK.

3rd March

Written by the Pinnacle team

After 8 days on expedition, our Young Explorers have experienced four days on the Trans Siberian railway, travelled 3,900 miles to arrive in Irkutsk and settled into the swing of the ups and downs of expedition life.

Yesterday was the first day that the team was able to set foot on the ice of Lake Baikal. The glossy black surface set against the vast white background of Siberia filled the group with a true sense of awe and adventure. The idea of spending two weeks trekking across its expanse deterred no one.

Unfortunately the team have been wrestling with the growing logistical issues posed by the current conflict in Europe. This has resulted in much of the team kit bags (including food, pulks, tents, stoves, sleeping bags etc.) not arriving in country; therefore the very tough decision has been made to call off the expedition. This is a choice that has not been taken lightly and all potential avenues have been explored up to this point.

The team are very disappointed to not have the chance to begin the trek, however are pleased and grateful to be able to return home safely given the circumstances.

To finish this update Pinnacle Young Explorer Josh Grinham has written a Baikal haiku:

Baikal’s clear blue ice 

Wind whips the snow into twists

A glimpse of Sublime

26th February

Written by the Pinnacle team

British Exploring Society expeditions are designed to facilitate the development of young people through expeditions to challenging environments. Pinnacle – Lake Baikal – is no exception in that regard.

It was fitting, then, that our adventure started nice and early at 2:30am at London Heathrow. From here, we proceeded slowly through check-in, so much so that we were some of the last to board our first flight to Amsterdam. A hurried and nerve-wracking start for the Pinnacle team.

After a slightly more relaxed airport amble in Amsterdam, we boarded our flight to Moscow only to find upon arrival that our luggage hadn’t made it up there. Five hours later and we had made arrangements for our missing luggage to meet us at our final destination: Irkutsk.

Now that was over, we were taken by our friendly guide, Cyril, to see the sights and sounds of Moscow. This included Red Square, the Kremlin, and St Basil’s Cathedral. It was a fantastic end to what, until then, had been a stressful and tiring day.

After our tour of Moscow, we sampled the local cuisine at a cafeteria before boarding the Trans-Siberian Railway at Moscow Yaroslavsky Station.

Since boarding, we have spent the last couple of days acclimatising, adapting to continuously changing time zones (so far, we have passed five time zones since leaving the UK), and working our way through the surprisingly extensive restaurant menu.

Overall, morale since day one has significantly improved. We have read, gamed, and led our way through three days of train travel (the latter of which involved discussing what makes for a high performing team – lots of fun).

We’re looking forward to the next phase of our expedition: training to go out of Lake Baikal.

Until then, da svidania (goodbye in Russian)

24th February

Our Pinnacle team is now on the Trans-Siberian railway heading towards Lake Baikal. They’ll be on the train for the next couple of days.

23rd February

The first of our 2022 expeditions (and our first overseas expedition since 2019) set off in the early hours of this morning, meeting at Heathrow Airport at 3am.

The Pinnacle team will spend the day flying to Moscow via Amsterdam, where they will then start their expedition on the Trans-Siberian railway – the longest railway line in the world – to travel between Moscow and Lake Baikal.

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