Welcome to Wildestan

By Rebecca Bloomfield,
Marketing & Digital Coordinator

Home to British Exploring Society’s first virtual expedition, Wildestan is a place of adventure, opportunity and challenge.

Discovered: May 2020
Location: Your home
Motto: ‘The wilderness where you stand’
Explorers assigned so far: 68 (and counting!)
Cost: Free
Sign-up time: Two minutes
Adventure schedule: 30 minutes every Tuesday
Potential to be life-changing: Unlimited

Become a Wildestan Explorer

Location Guide


Those who are curious to see if they can take on the challenge of being an Explorer can join us from their sofa – but they shouldn’t get too comfortable!

Explorers visiting Wildestan can expect a taste of expedition life. From setting up a hammock to making insect traps for a home survey, they will develop outdoors skills and learn about the natural world in each weekly session. Wildestan is a great place to experience the fun and fulfilment of personal development, with a hope that those who visit come away feeling more confident.


Travel to Wildestan is done via Zoom, accessing a base camp where Explorers meet inspirational professional Leaders who guide them through interactive adventures, broadcast live from a variety of environments. These experiences are shared with up to 25 other Wildestan Explorers from all over the UK, all of whom can engage with each other and the challenges they’re presented with without needing to leave their homes.


COVID-19 has changed young peoples’ lives, meaning different experiences will be needed to help them adapt to be ready for adult life. Taking key elements of the adventure, knowledge and personal development British Exploring Society has been delivering successfully in the wilderness since 1932, we have created fun, live, genuinely interactive online sessions in Wildestan.


Kit Guide

Explorers will need to have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a mic and a camera. Curiosity and a desire to learn something new are useful tools to bring; with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, Wildestan welcomes personal discovery and a desire for potentially life-changing encounters. Some adventures may require other pieces of kit which Explorers will be able to find around their home. Wearing slippers is also fine. For now.


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