Young Explorer Photo Competition 2022

By British Exploring Society,
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“This photo was taken towards the beginning of the expedition, and we were very pleased with ourselves for getting beyond our previously discovered area.

When we reached the top of the canyon, we finally got to see the views blocked by the imposing ridge in front of base camp. Tom got the binoculars out, as we saw a couple of large birds of prey circling and diving in the distance. He then redirected his attention beyond where I was standing, to focus on a newly discovered cave.

We later named the cave ‘Thunder Cave’, as we had to shelter there for over an hour during a storm. I suppose then, you could title the picture ‘Calm Before the Storm’. Overall, this picture shows our intrigue for nature, the beauty of our surroundings and how temperamental the local weather was!”

– Charlotte, Winner 2022


During an expedition, Young Explorers have the chance to work on various science or media projects that are shaped and supported by their Knowledge Leader. These projects, which often include photography, help the Young Explorers learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of the environment around them.

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Honourable mentions

There were several highly impressive entries in this year's competition.

Picking out a finalist was no easy decision, and so its only fair that we highlight the diverse creative talent amongst our community of Young Explorers.

Here are a few individual entries that particularly stood out to the judges.