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Getting started

  • What is expected of me, will I have to do lots of paperwork?

    We will communicate directly with the young people on our expedition programmes and we would encourage you to let them take responsibility for their preparation and planning.

  • What happens if my child changes their mind?

    Taking part on a programme with us is a commitment. Before taking a place on an expedition programme all Young Explorers will have a conversation with one of our team members when they can ask and be asked detailed questions as well as access detailed programme information, dates and cost in order to make an informed decision.

    If they decide they do not want to go after they have made that commitment then they can withdraw, however all expedition payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  • What will my child gain from the experience?

    For their own personal development the successful completion of a British Exploring Society Programme indicates that a young person has developed and reflected on their: Perseverance, stamina, communication, tolerance and team working skills, practical problem-solving ability, self-discipline, motivation, capacity for hard work, maturity, and leadership.

    Our Young Explorers return back not only with these skills but often with lifelong friends and become part of a broader community of explorers.

  • Can my child come home from expedition early?

    Emergency repatriation is part of the contingency we put in place to allow us to travel to remote locations. If a participant is well, but not enjoying themselves, we will we do everything possible to support them to get the most out of being on expedition with us.

What are the costs?

  • Why do your expedition programmes cost so much?

    Firstly, as a charity, we don’t make a profit, so the contribution you make towards our costs is only going towards the delivery of programmes for people like you. Secondly, don’t forget that all our leaders are volunteers, so they give up hundreds of hours of time each year to provide life-changing experiences. As a charity we work incredibly hard to make our expedition programmes financially accessible to as many young people as possible – and our central and administrative costs as a team are extremely modest.

    Put simply, our costs indicate our commitment to creating expedition programmes that make a permanent difference for our Young Explorers. We go to genuinely remote wild areas because they offer a unique opportunity for young people to connect with the natural world with other young people in an exhilarating and challenging environment.

    Because of the nature of our programmes and our commitment to high standards we do more than most organisations in terms of preparation, planning and training. These all take significant time and resource.

  • What do the expedition programmes costs include?

    Prior to expedition we provide:

    • Support throughout the application process from our dedicated and experienced team.
    • On-going help and advice on anything you need from our UK office, including support through calls, your expedition Facebook group and newsletters.
    • A Welcome Pack to help you get started including a fundraising guide and a British Exploring Society t-shirt.
    • An expedition Briefing Weekend or Training Week to help to get everything prepared, to meet your fellow Explorers and Expedition Leaders.
  • What do the expedition programme costs not include?

    Flights and visa costs, personal expedition kit and any costs related to vaccinations and medications are not normally included. In some cases some or all these might be covered. We organise group flight bookings so that our Young Explorers and Leaders can travel out and back together.

For other enquiries

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