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“Wildestan is different to anything I have experienced before. I was learning how to build fires one week and then learning about birdsong the week after. I am more equipped to manage myself… Wildestan has opened my eyes to a world I have always wished to know more about…” – Young Adventurer, Wildestan 2020

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“[Wildestan] was fantastic! Thanks so much for encouraging me to have a look at it – it’s a great atmosphere and you learn a lot!”

Young Adventurer, Wildestan 2020

What's Involved?

  • Choose which weekly adventures you take part in
  • Have fun and challenge yourself to learn something new
  • Learn key outdoors skills and develop your confidence
  • Feel connected to the natural world
  • Meet amazing experts, from biologists to medics to explorers

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virtual adventures

Capture your adventure: journaling for self-discovery | 5pm, 30th March

Ever considered looking at your own personal development through journaling? What about processing your experiences and emotions through journaling? This Wildestan Adventure will explore how journaling can assist you with these and allow you to chart your journey through life, Wildestan Adventures, expeditions, and everything in between.

Sensory approaches to expeditions | 5pm, 23rd March

Our next Wildestan Adventure with Outdoor Education Expert Stuart presents some of the ideas and practices of aesthetic approaches in expeditions. You will learn ways to connect emotionally with expedition experiences and be provided with tools for mental wellbeing to help connect with others, and with the environment and nature you encounter, and understand your own self during this time.

The Great British Waste Off | 5pm, 16th March

How much food do we waste each year, and why does it matter? Join Sustainability Expert Jay in Wildestan to explore this topic and the simple actions that we can take to reduce our food waste. We’ll be thinking creatively to come up with solutions to this important issue, discussing some top tips, and Jay will be demonstrating live some of his favourite recipes for using up leftover food.

Citizen science | 5pm, 9th March

Wildestan Expert Dr Susannah Cass returns to share practical steps on contributing to citizen science projects from the wilderness where you stand. You will have a chance to identify species with Susannah using identification tools and will learn how to share your findings with the world using the I-Naturalist database.

These boots are made for walking | 5pm, 2nd March

Join experienced Mountaineer and Outdoor Educator Taff Raymond who will take you through one of the most important pieces of expedition equipment: your boots. Learn how to use them as an explorer in different terrain and conditions and explore the landscape, discussing problems that may arise due to balance and carrying heavier rucksacks whilst walking on more technical ground.

Explore within | 5pm, 23rd February

During this Adventure, we will explore our emotions (without judgement). This will allow us to better understand ourselves, and others, while exploring the wilderness of the world around us. This is Emotional Intelligence at work. All great explorers will tell you that the biggest challenge of any adventure or expedition is not the physical challenge but the mental one.

Fantastic birds and where to find them | 5pm, 9th February

Conservationist and National Trust Ranger Matthew Scott joins us to explore the bird species you can see in the UK, with a focus on where and how birds build their nests. With National Nest Box Week coming up, Matthew will show you how to make your own bird friendly habitat, from a traditional wooden nest box to creating one from objects you can find lying around at home (including terracotta pots, wellington boots or even an old teapot)!

How to find a lost glove | 5pm, 2nd February

Expert Sarah will be bringing her experience from the South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team to Wildestan this week. With a backdrop of wintery Snowdonian landscapes, you’ll be able to sharpen your detection skills and learn about in-field search techniques used to find people out in the mountains. Take your newfound skills away with you and apply them at home to find that misplaced item!

What lurks in the leaves | 5pm, 26th January

Streaming live from Australia (in the middle of the night!), learn all about the rich abundance of species that can be found in the fallen leaves near your home. Create your own device for separating the leaves from the insects and arthropods using items available in your own home with Environmental educator Chrissy Miller and watch live as she examines and identifies the creatures that live in the wilderness where she stands.

Survival in the wild: Jungle | 5pm, 19th January

Join expert Andy, one of our specialist Jungle Leaders, as he shows us some of the skills needed to survive in one of the true wildernesses of the world. Looking at the jungle environment, movement, camps and fire, this adventure will introduce you to and start to develop skills required to survive in the Amazon and other jungle environments.

Interpreting signs in the wild | 5pm, 12th January

Do you want to know how to predict the weather? Or find North without a compass? Look like a superhuman genius by interpreting signs in natural and built environments. Learn how to estimate how far away something is, calculate the distance to the horizon, or measure the width of a river (without getting your feet wet).

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The safety and support of our Young Explorers is the cornerstone on which we build and develop our programmes. All participants in our Wildestan adventures will be asked to agree to our online code of conduct. You can read a copy of it here.

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